Clothing Sets Are a Staple in Any Child’s Closets

Clothing Sets Are a Staple in Any Child’s Closets

Clothing Sets Are a Staple in Any Child’s Closets

In the morning, I want my kids to reach for clothes that are easy to get on and look amazing. Over the years, I have realized the best way to accomplish this task, especially during the chaotic early hours of the morning, is to wear a clothing set. Sets look instantly put together with very minimal effort. Personally, I love dressing in sets myself. Some of my most complimented looks have been skirts and short sets! I aim to provide my children with sweatsuit sets that will offer the same level of comfort, ease, and compliments. So why are matching bottoms and tops such a successful outfit?

First, it looks immediately put together because it is coordinated and easy on the eye. You can glance over the look in one swoop. The symmetry of it is pleasing. The tailoring will be better as both items are designed to fit seamlessly together.  

Second, sets are more affordable than having to go out and put together an entire outfit. More often than not, you can find lovely children’s sets for the same price as an individual pair of pants. Also, the time spent trying to find a complimenting item for a lone shirt or pant is saved by having a set. 

Third, they are great for outings ranging from school and trips to the playground, to travel and birthday parties. I think sets are hands down the best travel outfit for children. For vacations, I purchase ultra-comfortable sweatsuit sets, which also provide nice versatility. They start out looking great as a set, but as the inevitable vacation spills and stains occur (hands up if your child has knocked over an entire airplane tray full of food and drink…), I will switch out the dirty top for a fresh new (non-matching) shirt and their outfit is instantly updated. If you pack two different sets you have four outfits. They are also so easy to dress children in that they can do it themselves, giving you more time to plot out your vacation day. Most importantly, I think sweatsuit sets offer the perfect amount of coziness for moving in and out of planes or air conditioned cars and buildings. 

Fourth, sweatsuit sets can easily be styled up or down. If I want to give it a little extra something, I have them wear collared shirts under the sweater. 

Lastly, you get two outfits in one. You can divide up the set and ultimately create two looks with one purchase. This is especially exciting because you save less time looking for children’s clothes and have more time to enjoy with your children (who look adorable in their sweatsuits this fall)!


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four kids, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.

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