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A Gift Buying Guide Of The Best Kids Clothing Brands

A Gift Buying Guide Of The Best Kids Clothing Brands

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I feel rushed to pivot my attention to Christmas and holiday preparations. This was in part due to the holiday decorations my friends and family saw already set up on a walk  the morning after Thanksgiving; Christmas tree after Christmas tree, it seemed like the more we walked, the more holiday decorations we saw adorning each home. And, the more holiday decorations I saw, the more FOMO (fear of missing out) I had. I found myself walking faster and faster homewards. Finally, I launched into a full out sprint, with the intent of ripping open our holiday decoration box and making it rain tinsel on our house. I held back once I finally reached our front door, mostly because I remembered the Christmas decoration box is on a shelf I cannot reach and need my husband to get (he was calmly walking several streets back). Once he finally got home, he was met with my overwhelming enthusiasm (I was removing every turkey decoration in sight) and he told me to wait. He felt this mad dash would take away the enjoyment of transitioning from one holiday to the next. Maybe I should say the same thing to our neighborhood hardware store who has had stockings hanging above the Halloween pumpkins since mid-October. Like turkey dinner, he needed to digest one holiday celebration before moving onto the next. 

However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday do not give you a lot of breathing room. After I was convinced the Christmas holiday decorations can hold until December, I opened my computer to be faced with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. There was no breathing room afforded there! I sat down and made a plan of attack for this Cyber Monday that I will share with you below. A one-stop-shop at the best online kids clothing store is where you will find me this shopping season. It simplifies things, eliminates how many tabs I have opened on my computer, and lets me make sure I stay on budget. I prefer to purchase gifts my kids need (which often means clothes) and also what I ask for from grandparents too! We let the guy up North bring the fun stuff. Once our Cyber Monday shopping is complete the road is paved for decorating! Watch out neighbors, I will make sure every window is filled with handmade snowflakes, garland, and warm lights. 

A gift buying guide of the best kids clothing brands:

Stocking stuffers

Bows help everyone keep their hair out of their faces and completes a look. 

We love the Ruby Mini Fable Bow

Socks for everyone!

We love Crew Socks 3 pack


A book that educates and expands our children’s minds is always high on my list.
We love Borders by Chris Tamasi

Dress to impress 

Our daughter loves anything with a tutu

We love the PH Bow Tutu dress 

Our sons love shirts with collars and comfortable pants. 

We love the Marine Layer Long Sleeve Set 

Matching pajamas 

It is tradition in my family to open one present Christmas eve and it is always matching holiday pajamas for our children. 

We love the Country Moose Pajama Set

New hats and gloves

We are constantly losing mitts and always need more!

We love Confetti Chenille Hat and Mitten Set and the BGH Hat & Glove 

Grandparents’ gifting sweaters

It isn’t the holidays without the classic grandparent gift: a sweater! But, don’t worry, we only let them buy from Meems and there are only top-quality items available. 

We love the Retro Floral Sweater and Oslo Sweater


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four kids, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.

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