MeemSize + Fit Guidance

The single biggest inquiry our Momcierges encounter is "how do I find the right size?!" Kid's clothing sizing can definitely feel...unnecessarily complicated.

This is why every single one of our products has our 3 MeemSize + Fit Guidance Points:


So much about kids loving their clothes is about how they feel. We describe the weight and texture of the material itself, so you know what each piece feels like IRL.


We individually size-compare every single piece against the "standard" for your child's age, so you can take our word on how it runs and order accordingly.


We share cool extras (like SPF fabric or pockets) AND list out any other touchy-feely sensory details so that deeply feeling kiddos can rest easy.

Standard Sizing

Since sizing discrepancies within children’s fashion can be a huge pain for literally...everyone—one brand's XXS is another's 3/4 is another's 3T (and don't get us started on Euro sizing 🤯 ), we created a system to ensure customers have clear sizing information across the board:

Meems automatically standardizes the size name you see for each item, as well as its size filter, so that when you shop and search, you'll find everything that fits.

And if you have specific sizing questions, you can always just ask a Momcierge:

MeemSize Guidance

Fit Tips & FAQ's

Stop the confusion

MeemSizing Tips + Tricks:

  • Pants: nowadays pants come either with an elastic waist or with a built-in adjustable inner waistband to account for growth

  • Wear and Care: take note of fabric content. Natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool) can shrink in a hot dryer. For best results, we always recommend washing garments inside out in cold water and tumble dry low or hang to dry (lol).

  • Hats: you should be able to put your finger all the way around the inner brim of the hat when it’s on the head to ensure there’s room for growth

  • Onesie: make sure when your child is sitting upright that there's a fistful of fabric in the crotch area so they move comfortably and have room to grow

MeemSizing FAQs:

Ok, so I don't have a measuring tape/this kid won't stand still. What's the simplest general rule of thumb with sizing?

Always start with age - for separates, you can usually go up one for the top and stay the same for bottom (for example: a two year old would take a size 3 top and would either wear a 2 or 3 bottom depending on their body shape/where they fall in relationship to other kids their age).

For dresses and swim, the average kid usually wears their age size, right on the money.

If you're getting something that's sold as a set we usually recommend going up one size from their age to ensure it fits.

You can never go wrong going a bit larger—unless it needs to fit perfectly for a special occasion happening in, like, a week—in which case call a Momcierge.

Why do some sizes have a T and some don't?

 The "T" in kid's clothing sizes stands for "toddler"😉 Not all brands use T sizing, those that do are typically indicating their difference between 24M and 2T—both labeled suitable for a two year old but are actually two distinctly different sizes.

Wait...what!? What's the difference between a 24M and a 2T? Shouldn't they be the same??

Shouldn't the replacement lovey be just as good as the original lovey?? Some questions we can't answer. But we do know this: 24M and 2T *are* close in size but a 24M is usually a bit wider than a 2, usually in the seat, and shorter in the leg. You can kind of think of it as the size and silhouette difference between crawling and walking and diaper and no diaper (MeemSize Experts unfortunately cannot help with early potty training, though definitely call us if you want to a shoulder to cry on).

What is the deal with the "x" in 6x and what do I do about it?

The 6x size name is actually a holdover from department store sizing, 6x would be the smallest size in the "Young Adult"'s basically a half size between 6 and 7. Follow the Fit advice for each piece and you'll nail it.

So how do I get the right size if I'm getting a gift for a kid?

If you don't know their size we recommend simply ordering their age *or* sizing one up from their age. If you don't know how old they are (time passing for other people's kids can be minute they're a tiny baby and the next they're asking you what you know about Santa) and don't want to ask, accessories are always super fun—hello, sunglasses!—or a gift card is always a safe bet.

I need a baby gift, what size should I buy?

For a shower/before the baby is born 6-9 months is a good size to buy (see below). If the babe has been born, buy the next size bracket up from their current size.

We also love giving a size that's way bigger, like 12-18M or even 2T. Since babies grow so fast (😢) and often are given lots of smaller size clothing, it's a fun surprise for them to have something awesome and fancy for when they get a bit bigger/after they've grown out of all their other teensy shower gifts.
Should I buy a new baby 0-3, or is it better to size up?

Definitely better to size up! Some babies are also born big and have blown through "NB" or even 3-6 month sizing before their little belly buttons are even ready for onesies. 6-9 months is always a good play.

If you're just not sure, we also love gifting towels, burp clothes, lovies, and blankets.