Meems Monday Brand Feature with Michelle Dancyger, Founder of Serve it Up Designs

Meems Monday Brand Feature with Michelle Dancyger, Founder of Serve it Up Designs

Meems Monday Brand Feature with Michelle Dancyger, Founder of Serve it Up Designs

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to Meems – Serve it Up Designs! As we embark on this exciting partnership, we want to introduce you to the mastermind behind this innovative brand, Michelle Dancyger. From her transition from Wall Street to entrepreneurship, fueled by a passion for personalized items, to her dedication to balancing business and motherhood, Michelle shares her valuable insights and experiences. She discusses her favorite aspects of personalized items, advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs, and her vision for the future of the brand!

Balancing being a mom and entrepreneur:

With a background in HR on Wall Street that spanned nearly two decades, Michelle decided to shake things up and embark on a new adventure. Armed with a Cornell degree and a whole lot of determination, she made the leap into the world of personalized dishware with Serve it Up Designs. What started as a spark of inspiration from the food industry and the wonders of social media quickly grew into a thriving business. Michelle's strategic planning and enthusiasm brought her vision to life. As she introduced her unique designs to the market and received positive responses, she knew these items were something families needed. Despite the challenges along the way, Michelle's drive never wavered. Today, she's the powerhouse behind Serve it Up Designs, effortlessly juggling the demands of entrepreneurship with the joys of being a mom to her 7-year-old son.

Inspiration to start Serve it Up Designs:

This business was born out of Michelle's passion for creating personalized items and her love for working with customers to make something special. Her design ideas evolved from retail events, wholesale partnerships, and custom orders. She loves the collaborative process of designing bespoke items, whether it's for baby registries, or special events like fundraisers and holidays. Michelle takes pride in the personalized touch she brings to each project, so that every plate or product serves as a meaningful contribution to a child’s life or a special cause. Through pop-up events and social media, Michelle not only spreads awareness about her brand but also finds fulfillment in giving back and in 2024 alone has completed fundraisers for 22 organizations and sold over 400 pieces from her collection to help raise money for their causes. Many of these fundraisers are for nursery schools, temples, to include the JCC and other important organizations across the country. She loves the journey of seeing creations come to life and the satisfaction of knowing that her work makes a positive impact, even as she continues to innovate and grow Serve it Up Designs.

We're thrilled to introduce Serve it Up Designs to Meems! Sharing her favorite part of personalized items:

Michelle values the connection to the community and the opportunity to give back through her work, and items like her Seder plates hold a special meaning for her! Each design is inspired by client requests, trends, and personal experiences, ensuring that every product is unique and meaningful. As her son gets older his interests evolve, which helps her stay updated on popular trends and incorporates them into her designs to ensure that they resonate with older customers.


Female Founder and CEO, advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs:

As a woman, Michelle is self-motivated and passionate about her work, which has been instrumental in her success as a founder and CEO. She values the flexibility that entrepreneurship offers, allowing her to prioritize both her family and her business. She cautions “I always say when you own your own business it is 24/7”, you’ll sometimes need to create your market, and show people you have something they need. Michelle advises aspiring female entrepreneurs to stay self-motivated, take care of themselves, and believe in their ability to succeed. She emphasizes the importance of setting a positive example for future generations and breaking stereotypes about women in business. Know that “the greatest gift is to be able to show your children that you can be successful”.

Future trends and innovations in the children’s product space:

Michelle knows there is a shift towards online shopping for personalized products (especially being able to purchase on your phone) “gone are the days of the brick and mortar stores being in person, the future is them being online”.  She emphasizes the importance of convenience and customization, especially in a world dominated by e-commerce giants like Amazon. Michelle aims to adapt to these trends by expanding her product offerings, making sure there are plenty of good price points, enhancing personalization options, and exploring new distribution channels.


Vision for the future of Serve it Up Designs:

Michelle plans to expand Serve it Up Designs by launching new products such as silverware sets and custom blankets. She plans to grow her wholesale partnerships nationwide while continuing to innovate and meet the evolving needs of her customers. Michelle is excited about the potential of influencer marketing and plans to explore new opportunities for brand partnerships and collaborations. Also, she intends to expand her product line (like more tray sizes) to cater to a broader audience, including older children and teenagers (her son is leading this charge with keeping things cool and new!), while maintaining the quality and personalization that Serve it Up Designs is known for.  


Get ready to explore this exciting new brand at Meems, where you can discover the perfect personalized gifts to add a touch of magic to any occasion. Whether you're looking to make holidays extra special for your little ones, find unique birthday presents, or simply elevate your gift-giving game, Serve it Up Designs has you covered. The possibilities are limitless, and the joy is boundless!

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