Interview with Danielle Becker, Mother and Founder of Lefty's Right Mind

Interview with Danielle Becker, Mother and Founder of Lefty's Right Mind

Interview with Danielle Becker, Mother and Founder of Lefty's Right Mind

In this fast paced, saturated world, how do you find ways to slow down and appreciate the little details?  Brands are constantly in search of original ways to cut through the noise and connect with their customers on an intimate level. With the rise of influencer marketing, brands have been given access to people who have a following that resonates with them and  have been outdoing themselves when it comes to events and creator engagements. A key way that brands have actually seen success in differentiating themselves is by connecting on a personal level.  In this post, we will explore how brands and individuals alike can continue to raise the bar in a more thoughtful, valuable way.

This week, we interviewed Danielle Becker, mother of two girls, founder and creative force behind Lefty's Right Mind, a full-service creative studio that fosters human connection through hand craftsmanship and quality products. As Danielle explains, LRM tells stories through creative direction, branded products, on-site activations and gifting. In our interview with Danielle, she emphasizes the importance of slowing down and allowing ourselves to be present in the moment. By doing so, we can tap into our creativity and find ways to make things more meaningful. Art, in all its forms, provides a platform to allow space for an emotional connection and a deeper experience.  It is no wonder that LRM has a wait list that has only continued to grow since 2017!


Pulling Your Creativity

Danielle always knew she wanted to start a business. She didn’t know exactly what that looked like, but she knew it would be a foundation built on creativity.  She earned a BFA in graphic design, eventually becoming an Art Director at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. All-the-while, she maintained a personal freelancing business, LRM.  As her side hustle grew, she began focusing on it full time, ultimately growing it into the business it is today. Friends saw her ability to design a true one of a kind piece and started giving her their beloved items, like a Goyard bag, as a canvas for wearable artwork. Quickly after, Danielle and her Mom partnered together offering gifting, mailers and branded products to brands and agencies.  LRM fosters human connection while building brand loyalty and awareness. By producing bold, fresh, innovative solutions, LRM brings magic to iconic brands and individuals alike, sharing design and beauty that energizes and uplifts others.

Elevating Brands

“Our goal, whether it be Ralph Lauren or Rachel Zoe, a startup business or one-off client, is to create a one-of-a-kind offering that provides an exclusive moment, supporting and lifting up your purpose, your story, to whatever and whoever that might be. Our commitment to creative problem solving allows us the space to listen to our clients and better understand their goals.” Danielle explains.

This past month with Danielle leading the creative direction, she teamed up with M. Gemi to create a capsule collection of one-of-a-kind styles celebrating historically iconic female artists. The collection was auctioned throughout Women’s History Month, with 100% of proceeds going to Girls Inc.  Not only did LRM ideate and conceptualize the story behind this initiative, but they hand-crafted each piece.  “The difference between good and great is all in the details.  It’s not all about what you see, but the strategy that goes into it.  That’s the piece to the creative puzzle that will set you apart from the rest.”

It is because of Danielle’s love of fashion and unwavering curiosity, that LRM has successfully carved a space in the bespoke industry.  “As a human, I don’t like clutter.  As a professional, I understand the budget and the importance of spending it wisely.  As a lover of fashion, I run the other way from the “it” bag or shoes.  I want what everyone else doesn’t, while of course staying timeless.  Our mission at LRM is to create something you are proud of.  We want you to feel heard and emotionally connected.  We want you to find value and meaning in the work we do.” 

She goes on to point out that editors or influencers are constantly being gifted.  “How is your mascara going to stand out from the rest?  You should take the time to pay attention to who‘s receiving it.  We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but more so carving the space to pay attention to the details.”  She explains that what’s so incredible about this process is that these moments become forever memorialized through their artwork and allows a deeper connection to a person, place, or special life moment.


Passing On the Value of Creativity to Children

Danielle’s Mother ran her own party planner business out of their home, exposing Danielle at a young age to a life surrounded by creativity.  “I ‘worked’ for fun.  My Mom’s office was upstairs in our house, so I  had easy access to ribbons, balloons and office supplies galore.  What did I buy with the first $100 I ever saved?  A laminating machine!  What was my favorite birthday gift?  A shopping spree at Staples.  It warms my heart to witness my girls’ curiosity in the same way I did - they love ‘taking calls’ and packing up for shipping.  They know to stay far away from the luxury goods!” laughs Danielle.  She understands what it means to grow up in a creative space and witness hard work.  She strives to give that to her own girls.  Naturally, as someone who values staying present and resourcefulness, it is no wonder that Danielle isn’t a parent who relies on technology but rather encourages her children’s curiosity through puzzles, arts and crafts or educational toys.

Danielle and her husband prioritize being an example for their two daughters, Mila and Demi. “We never have our phones out at a meal and we talk to them with respect.  We don’t sugarcoat the “big stuff” - we don’t do things for them that they can do themselves.  In our house, it’s about encouraging the unknown, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You’ll never know the magic that can happen if you don’t try!  “Lefty’s Right Mind encourages you to slow down and cherish hand craftsmanship.  “When we go out for dinner, I don’t bring toys but rather stack the milk cups or count the sugar packets,” Danielle explains.  It is inspirational that in such a fast-paced, technology driven world with a craving for instant gratification, Danielle prioritizes the value of ‘boredom’ and sees the strength that comes from it. “In order to find strength to lead with your gut, I believe you must be given the space to find your own way, to make decisions on your own.  Your intuition will never fail you!”

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