Interview with Andie Schneider, Founder of Talking with Tata

Interview with Andie Schneider, Founder of Talking with Tata

Interview with Andie Schneider, Founder of Talking with Tata

We had the pleasure of speaking with Andie Schneider, Speech Pathologist and Founder of Talking with Tata. You can find her language development tips to help make speech practice fun at home for you and your little one @talkingwithtata. She also invites caregivers each week from the Talking with Tata community to highlight their incredible careers, experiences, and how they manage to balance it all! You can tune in to her podcast, Talking with Tata, on Spotify.

Andie began her education in speech pathology in undergrad at The George Washington University and completed her degree in graduate school at Montclair State University, where she initially aspired to work with adults. However, upon graduation she found herself working at several hospitals and an ENT practice, specializing in swallowing and voice disorders. As fate would have it, COVID hit, during which time Andie became an aunt. Andie recognized the need for her niece to engage in safe socialization for her speech development and formed an educational pod with children close to her family. This was the catalyst for her first speech pod, where she noticed children lacked socialization skills, despite not having significant speech issues. This realization inspired Andie to combine her expertise with her passion for helping children and started regularly hosting children’s pods in June 2020.  

The success of her teaching these pods led Andie to establish Talking with Tata, first a social media account and most recently a podcast. The name “Tata” holds special meaning for Andie. When her sister was pregnant, they were searching for what would become the name Andie would be called as a new aunt. They soon came across “tata”, which is a sweet word children use to refer to an aunt.  It encapsulated the essence of what Andie wanted to create through her work—a joyful and supportive environment for caregivers. Although initially she was unsure about starting a podcast, Andie was convinced by close friends who saw the potential for her to share expertise with a wider community. Her podcast became a platform where Andie could address people’s questions, provide daily tips, and highlight remarkable women in business and family life. With over 30 episodes recorded, Talking with Tata, has become a source for inspiration for listeners, shedding light on lesser-known businesses, and offering relatable stories of personal and professional success.

Talking with Tata covers a range of topics, initially starting with conversations with friends, the podcast has pivoted towards women’s health, to include important topics like pelvic floor health and fertility. Andie’s intention is to continue exploring various aspects of women’s health, while also welcoming male guests to discuss their perspectives and experiences in raising families. By featuring experts in their respective fields, Andie provides valuable insights and fosters a collaborative approach between podcast guests. “One of the most rewarding aspects of starting Talking with Tata has been showing parents that their child will be okay and getting feedback from families on how we’ve helped them” explained Andie. She has found fulfillment in empowering parents to support their children and as parents, we like that too!

Stay tuned as Andie looks to grow Talking with Tata and explores topics like male impact on the family and women’s health in a broader perspective. Diving deeper, she aims to shed light on the experiences of men in relation to infertility and debunk misconceptions that place sole responsibility on women.

Andie is dedicated to nurturing not only children’s development but family aspects as a whole. Her podcast inspires and empowers parents, while providing a platform for professionals and business owners to share their invaluable insights. Her impact as a speech pathologist and entrepreneur is a testament to her passion and ability to make a difference in the lives of families. Tune into her podcast and follow her on social media @talkingwithtata to make sure you get all the support!


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