Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Sara Edmondson, Founder of The Studio Magnolia

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Sara Edmondson, Founder of The Studio Magnolia

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Sara Edmondson, Founder of The Studio Magnolia

Sara Edmondson is an internationally published lifestyle photographer who specializes in capturing beautiful moments for families. As the founder of Studio Magnolia, she has established a reputation for her ability to create timeless images that families can cherish for a lifetime. As a mother, Sara understands how fast children grow up and the importance of preserving precious milestones through beautiful photography. If you’re looking for photo inspiration or want to work with a highly sought after photographer, you can learn more about Sara @thestudiomagnolia.


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I say good morning to our two dogs!


2. Coffee or tea?

Coffee, always!


3. TikTok or Instagram?

TikTok was so addictive for me I had to delete it from my phone to decrease my screen time.


4. How long have you been a photographer?

I am going on 8 years!


5. One tip to make moms comfortable in front of the camera?

Trust that I will pose you and photograph you from your best angles, so relax and enjoy those kiddos! Organic laughter, snuggles, and hugs make for the best photos so don’t worry about what you look like. That’s my job!


6. Do you help families pick out outfits for their shoots?

Yes, I offer a client wardrobe of curated clothing items that my clients’ can wear to their session or I offer wardrobe styling for items they can purchase.


7. One tip for taking good photos with an iphone?

Portrait mode and find the good light!


8. What do you love most about your city?

I love how close we are to the beach and how it’s summer 10 months out of the year here.


9. Favorite restaurant?

Bartaco is my absolute fave and my goal is to go to all of their locations!


10. Favorite kids book?

Time for Bed by Mem Fox. The illustrations are beautiful and my mom read it to me as a kid.


11. How do you handle a child having a meltdown?

I try to let them have their space and when the time seems right I redirect to something fun. It’s so important to keep kids moving and engaged during photos. I never expect them to sit still for long. I also like to incorporate silly prompts like “oh my goodness does daddy have a big green boogie in his nose?!” that always gets a laugh and their attention.


12. Funniest thing that has happened to you during a photoshoot?

One time I was photographing a new family in a field and there was a little hole in the ground near where we were doing the session. I do a lot of walking backwards when I shoot and I keep falling in this hole or tripping in it. I fell probably 3-4 times during their session and I was so embarrassed all I could do was laugh!


13. Most beautiful setting location you’ve ever shot?

I love the beach! Bermuda is probably the most picturesque place I’ve worked closely followed by Napa!


14. Do you prefer to shoot indoors or outdoors?

I personally prefer to shoot outdoors because I get to play with beautiful sunlight.


15. Where is your next trip to?  

I have a busy month of travel for work this month. Charleston, SC then Harbour Island, Bahamas, then Greece and Dubai!


16. Best tip for growing your social media?

Organically interacting with your ideal clients is the best way to grow your followers along with consistently posting.


17. Do you have any inspiration you turn to for shoots?

I do - I usually look at old iconic photographs of famous families like the Kennedys.


18. Your favorite Instagram account?



19. Favorite product Meems is currently selling!

I love the Floral and Bouquet long sleeve swimsuits for girls!


20. How can families book a shoot with you?

You can inquire on my website



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