Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Amanda Warsavsky, Mother and Founder of Partof

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Amanda Warsavsky, Mother and Founder of Partof

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Amanda Warsavsky, Mother and Founder of Partof

For this Meems Monday we interviewed Amanda Warsavsky, a remarkable mother and entrepreneurial force, who has previously opened up to us about her experience with infertility. She is also the founder of Partof, an app that brings people together by providing a safe space to ask hard questions and allow discussion to flourish. Read on to learn more about Amanda and join the Partof community to support her mission to build a social platform that curated algorithmic advice from people you can trust. 


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Coffee Coffee and coffee - and while that’s in the works, unload the dishwasher.

2. Coffee or tea?

3. TikTok or Instagram?

4. City or suburbs?

5. Favorite 3 products Meems is currently selling!?
Esme pajamasMer St. Barth’s Bella neon dot dress, and all the shade critters swimsuits!

6. Where is your next family trip?  
We have nothing planned, don’t remind me!! Have always dreamed of taking the kids to Europe and are contemplating how miserable the flights would be!

7. A cause or foundation you love?

8. Your favorite Instagram account?

9. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to Google as a parent?
Why is my kid’s poop blue?

What to do if my kid gets ahold of my fertility meds (It happened! Everyone is good! but it happened and will never happen again!)

10. Best parenting hacks?
Oh man, I am finding new ones every day! The most impactful is just sticking to a routine. It really makes the day run smoother in our house.

… and always carry wipes EVERYWHERE. It is my party trick. When the kids all are given pizza and the mom’s look horrified at the sauce and cheese dripping everywhere, I whip out my wipes and they become an instant hit.

11. How do you manage to find “me” time?
By redefining what “me” time means.

12. Favorite thing to do once the kids go to sleep?
Cook dinner with a glass of wine.

13. One word that describes motherhood?

14. Most important thing you learned after going through IVF?

15. How do you keep yourself organized as a mother and business owner?
Lots of spreadsheets and an old school notebook that comes with me everywhere.

16. Types of questions moms can ask on Partof?
ANYTHING! If there is anything you are craving advice on, we have the answers ranging from product recommendations to parenting recommendations. Advice can be hard, or as basic as - I need a sippy cup that doesn’t leak!

17. Where can we learn more about Partof?
Follow me on Instagram to find out more about our launch! @amandawarsavsky

18. Advice for moms looking to open up more online?
Just do it and remember, there are so many others in your shoes so you will be relatable if you are honest.

19. Book or TV before bed?

20. Favorite family tradition?
Skiing, and coordinated wrapping paper for me and my sister on the holidays. We each had to agree on a wrapping paper to unwrap. Can’t remember the presents themselves but always remember the effort my mom put into making the holidays feel special for us!


If you want to learn more about Amanda and her IVF journey you can read our longer interview here.  


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