Getting Sleepaway Camp Ready with Summer 365

Getting Sleepaway Camp Ready with Summer 365

Getting Sleepaway Camp Ready with Summer 365

Welcome to our interview with Summer 365, a premier resource dedicated to helping parents prepare their kids for sleepaway summer camps. Summer 365 understands the transformative power of summer experiences, where activities, friendships, and new discoveries shape young minds and foster personal growth. As a free resource for families, they specialize in matching parents with the perfect camps and programs, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for children and teens. As summer is approaching and day and sleepaway camp is around the corner, Meems has also geared up to support parents with the perfect outfits for all your kids' camp needs. We thought an interview with Summer 365 would be the perfect package to meet all your summer camp needs!


Can you tell us about Summer 365 and how you help families? 

Summer 365 is a leading consulting service created by parents for parents specializing in overnight camps and summer programs for children and teens. We’re a year-round resource to families and provide a customized and holistic approach to finding the best summer experience for each child and family. Beyond our expertise, we bring friendliness, fun, and personality to a task that for many parents feels like an overwhelming process! 

As trusted advisors Summer 365 provides a destination and community for information, advice, and events that prepare and educate parents in this new chapter of their parenting journey!


We've seen your expertise in helping families get ready for camp. Could you share a checklist of 5 must-have items for children attending sleep-away camps?

It’s hard to limit to just 5!! So how about 5 categories?! Every camp has its own unique packing lists and specifications on what you can or cannot bring, but here are some of our favorite essentials:

  • Mail call: Letter writing is still a thing at camp, so make sure they have the write stuff! Clipboard with stationary (fill in the blank is a fave), stamps, and pens.
  • Walk in camp style: Crocs with Jibbitz
  • Rest hour and lights out: Cozy customized blanket and some OG camp games like jacks, cards, and mancala
  • Get in the spirit: Spirit wear for special events, theme days, color war / tribals / Olympics 
  • Keep hydrated: Water bottle with removable decals

  • How do you suggest parents involve their children in the camp preparation process to help ease any anxieties and build excitement?

    There are many ways that parents can involve their children in the camp preparation process and it’s best to cater that to your child’s personality and disposition, but our biggest suggestion is to start the conversation early. Many of our families start to look for camp over a year in advance, so starting to talk about camp and plant the seed is a really important piece of the process. We believe that camp readiness is a goal you work towards, not a destination you arrive at. The idea of going to sleepaway camp is one that grows and evolves. While we believe finding and choosing the right camp is a parent led decision, empowering your child to be part of the process and to ask questions is key. They can participate in watching camp videos, zooms with camp directors and/or tours to visit camps in session. 

    A few other suggestions include talking to your camper about:  

  • What to expect on the first day of camp
  • Frequency of parent-camper communication (i.e. phone calls, letters/emails)
  • Handling homesickness & hard moments they may experience throughout the summer
  • Practicing self-care/grooming
  • Consent/safety
  • Friendships
  • Availability of their on-camp support system/finding a trusted adult
  • Exciting activities and camp traditions they are going to be able to participate in (some for the very first time!)

    Clothing is a crucial aspect of camp preparation. Can you recommend versatile and durable outfits from our brands that are perfect for various camp activities?

    There are so many different places to curate clothing and all the essentials for camp. 

  • Looking for great daily basics? Firehouse has got you covered.
  • Every camper needs a pair of goggles… but who said they couldn’t look cool?! Bling2o never fails to help us accessorize for swim instruction.
  • Packing an outfit for a special end of camp event or banquet is a top priority for many campers. Flowers by Zoe has adorable options for young campers who want to dress to impress.

    What are some factors parents should consider when selecting clothing for their child's summer camp experience, particularly in terms of comfort, functionality, and durability?
    1. Expect clothing to get dirty! Don’t send items to camp that cannot be replaced (or that you care about getting ruined!)
    2. Comfort is key. Your child will be participating in different activities in different spaces on camp all day long. Whether it be on the fields/courts, in the water, or at indoor activities, a casual and comfortable wardrobe will best suit your camper. Trust us, you’ll thank us later (and so will they)!

      Beyond clothing, what a few essentials should parents pack to ensure their child is well-prepared for the challenges and adventures of being away from home?

      Check out our Amazon Storefront! Our team is made up of 25 advisors (from first time camp moms to veterans who have been there and done that!) and together we have curated all of the essentials in different categories from bunk junk to packing essentials to shower hour and rest hour.

      Additionally, each sleepaway camp will provide a packing list. Following the list which will include required, suggested, and non approved items is essential. Camps will provide specifics by category on what is needed and quantity to make packing smooth and easy.


      What advice do you have for parents to help them support their child's independence and growth while they're away at summer camp, and how can MEEMS products contribute to that experience?
      1. Add size large please!! haha
      2. Getting your kids involved in the packing process is part of the essential prep for getting ready to head off to camp whether it’s day or overnight! Make sure to show them what you are packing so they know what you are sending. Setting them up for success and a smooth transition starts with a good foundation of packing essentials so they have everything they need to dive into their experience with confidence. 
      3. Camp is the perfect time for children to express their own unique, individual style! They can choose their own outfits every day (even if it’s a uniform camp) that make them feel good. 
      4. We love MEEMS curation of clothing that’s perfect for summer. Everything from swimwear with SPF protection, breathable t-shirts, and great accessories like sunglasses and hats are perfect for campers. 

        How can prospective parents best prepare for their children’s future camp experiences? 
        1. Determine when it is the best time to transition from day camp to overnight camp and give yourself enough time to explore and plan ahead. 
        2. Ask for guidance… that’s where we come in!

          Where can our followers get more of your expert advice?

          We love to KIT! 

        4. Call us! 646-543-8726
        5. Write us!
        6. Follow us on Instagram! @summer_3_6_5

        7. For more information you can see all Summer 365 resources on their website!



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