20 Questions for Meems Monday with Megan Harper

20 Questions for Meems Monday with Megan Harper

20 Questions for Meems Monday with Megan Harper

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Get ready!

2. Tell us about your family?!
We’re ex New Yorkers who now reside in Charlotte, NC. We had 3 under 5 in NYC with two working parents which is almost unheard of. I met my husband at 19 when he was bartending and I asked him why he wasn’t taking the order of the hottest chick in his bar. His response was “because you’re acting like a brat” and it’s all history after that.

We moved to CLT during the pandemic and it’s a lovely place to raise a family and feel dead inside. The kids are now 9, 7 and 4 and really active in sports, plays and dance so we really spend a lot of time running the active kiddos to their obligations. I think we’re a fun family and always up for an adventure.

3. How would you describe your kids' style?
Huck would wear a trash bag and not care but he’s a mix of jock and skater kid.
Griffin is our fashionista and bougie. She loves black and hates wearing anything else other girls wear.
Goldie refuses to wear pants and would like to wear anything smothered with Minnie Mouse on it. It’s a problem.

4. 2 Favorite products Meems is currently selling!?
Goldie loves stars so she would love Classic Tutu Dress
This outfit is vibing my middle, Griffin, NY Tennis Rib Tank

5. Favorite swimsuit from Meems!?
Need this bathing suit for the girls Blue Bouquet Smocked-Bikini 

6. When you aren’t momming, what are you up to?
Working, I’m sure I’ll have time for this self-care everyone is raving about but right now at this moment in my life it’s not really in the cards. Plus, my kids are cool and I love spending time with them. I’m also growing our Social Media Agency, Authentic Community Marketing for women owned business and baby/kid brands with my partner and it’s a really cool thing to work towards something you really believe in. Honestly I love my job and I love my kids so neither really feel like work.

7. July 4th plans?
We went to a big party on Saturday night and might go out on the lake on the 4th but also fine playing in the pool at home.

8. How will you style your kids’ July 4th outfits?
All black since the state of this country is kind of mourning. I’m kidding they’ll be in blue and white matching outfits for the girls and Huck has a new red and blue gingham shirt he loves.

9. One Meems product you would pack your kids for holiday? 
Obsessed with the Pop! Short Sleeve Pajamas. 

10. Your favorite Instagram account?
@landontalks - hilarious scrolling
@ashleyspivey  - for beauty products, I’ll buy whatever she’s having
@emilyinyourphone- to stay up to date on politics
@notsafeformomgroup - on general motherhood topics

11. Favorite summer look for your kids? 
We live in NC and it’s so hot right now so lots of bathing suits are happening.

12. Your kids' go-to weekend wear?
Sundress and activewear. 

13. Best parenting hack?
Stressed out moms make stressed out kids so try and chill. 
Your time with them is more valuable than anything you buy them.
Don’t even bother potty training. They’ll do it when they are ready.

14. If you had a child’s birthday party, what would your kids wear?
For Griffin’s a fancy black dress always.

15. Favorite kids' sleepwear; shorts, pants, or nightgowns?
The La Paloma nightgowns and sets.

16. One kid's snack you always have on hand?
Frozen grapes.

17. How would you describe your style?
It’s always changing. When I worked in the office I was always in a fun dress but now I work in cute workout clothes daily.

18. Go-to mom summer look?
A fun matching set that is high enough to cover my belly from three kids but still shows a little skin.

19. Recommended summer read or tv show for parents?
Ancient Aliens is my favorite show to zone out to and watch with my husband. I’m a weird TV watcher. I’ve never seen one episode of the Kardashians or Real Housewives. However, Love Island is fantastic. 

20. Where can we follow you for more parenting style tips?
@girlgonechild is my insta or watch our IG tips and tricks of the agency over @showupauthentic 


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four children, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website ashadeofrose.com. You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.in.paris.


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