Top 6 Brands Worth the Investment

Top 6 Brands Worth the Investment

Top 6 Brands Worth the Investment

When it comes to buying kids clothes, the question that so often pops up is,“What brands are worth the investment?” Kids are hard on clothes, so parents are usually second guessing those higher price items. Yet, I can attest to fast fashion clothing not standing the test of time, let alone making it through one season to be handed down to younger siblings. What I’ve realized, as a mom of four, is that the more you spend on better clothing, the longer they last and can be handed down, extending each item’s usefulness even further. In that hand-me-down tradition, there is a lot of money saved, and, therefore, in the long run, I would argue that paying for better brands makes the most financial sense. Also, parents can sleep easy knowing they are making a more sustainable choice, limiting the number of clothes we cycle through and putting less pressure on the environment. At Meems, we curate the brands that we believe provide our customers with the best value. Here is a list of six of our brand partners and why we believe that they are worth the investment. 



At this point, Splendid is a beloved brand and household name for most of America. Designing  both adults and children’s clothing, the brand clearly did their homework searching for the perfect fabric. The quality of the material of their clothing created the foundation of the company they’ve built and is a big part of why customers are so loyal to them. Beyond just the quality and design of their clothes, they also take the environmental impact of their business very seriously. Splendid consistently makes sustainable choices, including their use of Eco-Knits and investing in packaging that is 100% recyclable. Splendid has committed to Eco Knits by using only originally farmed cottons and renewable fibers like Lyocell, linen and bamboo. All fabrics come from 100% sustainable sources. We love their soft fabric, calm colors, and playful designs. Splendid is a brand name you can stand behind.


Doe a Dear

Doe a Dear designs on-trend looks for your little fashionista. We love them because they serve to keep your kids' wardrobes up-to-date with the newest styles. Doe a Dear kids’ clothes can be worn everyday or easily dressed up for a special occasion using a few cute accessories or a pair of special shoes. The prices per item are reasonable and most of their clothes have subtle details that add a little extra flare and style. They are worth the cost because of their versatility, functionality, and high-quality designs that are a little different from most of what we see. Given their limited retail partners, Doe a Dear is not necessarily known by many customers, which is why we are excited to share this hidden gem of a brand with you!


Sammy & Nat

Sammy & Nat's classic Pima collection (an amazingly soft fabric from Peru) is the fabric parents dream of wrapping their children in every night. This high quality fabric is also hypo-allergenic and designed for sensitive skin. The quality of each article of clothing alone  makes any Sammy + Nat purchase worth the investment. And the brand didn’t stop at superb fabric, their attention to detail and integration of playful design features, like their Cosmo Fleet pajamas, makes them sought after by not just parents, but also children. The softness of the fabric also transcends the crib into their streetwear and everyday clothes, which you also usually don’t find from sleepwear brands. Their play collection was designed with the desire for softness across the wardrobe in mind.


Petite Hailey

Petit Hailey offers the coolest of southern California style with chemical-free fabrics. The style is playful and fun with graphics and lots of pretty tutus that make most little ones gleeful as they twirl around. We love how comfortable they make kids feel but also how happy they are in these beautiful, upscale clothes. The cost-per-wear with Petite Hailey outfits makes this brand worth every penny. It is thanks to their superior craftsmanship that these very special and beautifully styled clothes can so often be saved and passed down.


Me and Henry

Me and Henry is inspired by a bygone era where children dressed for an occasion., The entire line is created in London with a distinctive European aesthetic and an old world feel. Beyond their beautiful designs, these kid’s clothes are created for movement and durability. The brand only uses all natural fabrics making for a very comfortable fit. Most importantly, the superior craftsmanship used to create their line of clothes is all the more reason  they are keepsake pieces.



Vignette offers dreamy clothes.  Period. Their dresses maximize comfort with soft flowing styles that prioritize movement for play and make them easy to throw on at any time.  Vignette’s kids’ clothing is both soft on children’s skin, but also sturdy to serve the most active kid's needs. This brand is more than worth the investment because its clothing is easy to throw on and style, and ensures a put together look that your child will be comfortable in.


My mother still has several pieces of clothing from my childhood wardrobe, which she has now passed on to my daughter. My old clothes were not just special occasion outfits, but clothes I wore every day. We spoke about these items that outlasted the rest and my mom explained these were the more expensive everyday pieces I owned.  Not only did they survive through my sister and me, but they lasted the last two decades in a box and are now serving a second generation! A little more money spent on the front end of your child’s wardrobe will cost less on the backend, maybe even for your grandchildren.


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four kids, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.

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