Interview with Lindsey Fielding-Navia on Embracing Mindfulness

Interview with Lindsey Fielding-Navia on Embracing Mindfulness

Interview with Lindsey Fielding-Navia on Embracing Mindfulness

Aligning ourselves with our passions has become more of a priority, especially in the post-covid world. Mindfulness is a mental state where we are more present and aware of our feelings and surroundings. We can focus on being more present with our emotions, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. With many benefits, such as stress reduction and overall wellness, it is no wonder mindfulness has gained popularity and is used more regularly in many people’s daily lives.  The practice of mindfulness has come up in several of the parenting books I’ve read and is considered a valuable tool to help us stay present and engaged with our children. In moments of stress, it teaches you to take deep breaths to allow yourself to be more responsive to your child’s needs. I’m all for anything that supports being more aware of my own thoughts, emotions, and helps regulate me as a caregiver.

For this week’s Meems Monday, we spoke with Lindsey Fielding on mindfulness and how the practice helped her reevaluate her priorities and ultimately leave her startup NYC job to find her passion for coaching and helping others. Read on to learn how she found a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


With experience at startups and a master’s in Psychology from Cornell University, Lindsey held various executive roles throughout her time in New York City. However, with her success came greater self-reflection and a realization that she felt disconnected to the work she was doing. The pandemic forced her to confront various aspects of her life and ultimately helped her make changes. Lindsey reflects “I was a successful executive and grateful for my roles, but wanted to align what I contributed to the world with things that make me feel more alive”. She and her husband decided to move to the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming (population 10k), a juxtaposition to the craziness of Manhattan. When things got quiet and settled, Lindsey was able to see what actually spoke to her and discover her passions.  Going back to her educational roots in psychology, she explored ways to service others and delved into wellness, spirituality, art, and the psychedelic space.


Lindsey paints and creates participatory art installations, and has used art as a means to help others express themselves and heal . “There was always a dream and desire to create and make art. Living in New York for so long, the thing I did most was embrace and surround myself with art” explains Lindsey. Before this moment of calm, Lindsey believed she couldn’t be an artist and that prevented her from taking it seriously. When asked how people react when she calls herself an artist, “people are receptive and never dismissive”. Lindsey believes being an authentic artist means having a strongly rooted ambition to create, which can be challenging to pull away from.


In parallel to  aligning herself with mindfulness, Lindsey also sought to support other women after receiving her integration coaching certification, in order to help people move through behaviors that no longer support them or their goals. For people looking to embrace mindfulness more here are tips Lindsey offers:

-   Everyone’s journey is unique and it’s important to find experiences that shake up your patterns. What boundaries make you feel safe and which can you push to explore new opportunities?

-   Journal. Mindfulness is a muscle and the more you work on it the more it becomes natural. Set realistic goals, like waking up 10 minutes earlier to journal, set your intentions for the day, and notice how that makes you feel.

-   Be in action. However, before you embark on something make sure you have clarity around your intention for  why you are doing something. “I am meditating because it will help me with X,Y, Z”. Setting the why, checking back with yourself and understanding how it is serving you will help you discover what works for you. 

More mindfulness can help interrupt automatic behavior patterns and re-route oneself towards desired responses. This is particularly helpful in parenting so you can better understand your triggers and choose how you want to respond. Establishing these tools prior to becoming parents are particularly helpful, where there are so often new societal pressures and expectations. By staying mindful and in tune with yourself, you can navigate this transition with greater ease.


Now pregnant with her first child (and due within the month!)Lindsey explored many  modalities in her early pregnancy, like meditation and Reiki for moving energy and grounding herself. As many women can attest, hormonal changes can be challenging and you can find yourself in crazy spirals. Lindsey notes “I will meditate and journal as part of a morning routine even if it is whining for 3 pages. Normal everyday things have occasionally got to me a lot more during my pregnancy and I’ve sought ways to be ok with that. There is a lot happening in my body and if I feel off or bad, I am ok and I try not to let it bother me”.

Lindsey has approached her labor like a ceremony and has been intentional with her delivery team. “This is a very intentional moment in my life. You have to be curious and lean-in to yourself, trust your body, and find the right support to help things go smoothly” explains Lindsey. She has been able to apply a lot of her life teachings to this new adventure. She has sought out midwives and felt empowered by having a strong group of females surrounding her. Emphasizing the importance of research, standing in a power position, and finding trustworthy, well-researched providers rather than going to mommy blogs or listening to random people. “It is  a massive transition for me, my husband, and our baby. I realize the need for flexibility for everyone involved to get their bearings as we don’t know how things will be”. For anyone becoming new parents, being in the most mindful state is a strong tool to ease the transition, be present and cope with the changes ahead.

Thank you to Lindsey for taking the time to speak with us about her use of mindfulness in finding a more fulfilling life path and how she leans into it as she transitions into motherhood. 


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