Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Tyler Champagne from @heated_seats

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Tyler Champagne from @heated_seats

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Tyler Champagne from @heated_seats

To celebrate Father's Day, we interviewed Tyler Champagne, a dad extraordinaire and comedian who effortlessly turns the challenges of parenting into hilarious anecdotes, making them easier to digest. Follow him @heated_seats to get his daily dose of relatable parenting content!


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Walk up to my son and ask him why he is torturing me psychologically by waking up in the middle of the night

2. When did you become a parent?
January 17, 2022

3. If you could watch one show on repeat, would it be Blippi, Paw Patrol, or Steve and Maggi? 
As a Ms. Rachel dad this is a tough one, but probably Blippi.

4. 1 piece of advice for first-time expecting parents?
Take lots of pictures/videos and enjoy the moments, even the tough ones. You will miss the hard moments too because your phone will create memory slideshows of your newborn and you WILL cry.

5. Do you buy your child’s clothing?
Occasionally, however, my wife is an Olympic-level clothes purchaser for our son.

6. If yes, what do you love that Meems is selling?
I love a 2 piece short set. My son’s chunky legs and arms look adorably hilarious in shorts and a t-shirt.

7. If no, why don’t you keep their closet stocked? And what is your favorite outfit Meems is selling?
Keeping a toddler’s closet stocked is hard considering they grow like they eat Miracle-Gro milkshakes. The golf short set by Oh Baby! is absolutely awesome.

8. If you could have 1 item to distract your child (no tech) what would it be?
He has a red soccer ball that I think he loves more than me.

9. TikTok or Instagram?
Instagram (unless Tiktok is watching me type this, then it’s TikTok)

10. Favorite Instagram account?
My friend @bkotpa on IG/Tiktok is a hilarious dad with awesome toddler content and @annaleegrace15 on IG/Tiktok is the first mom creator I followed and she is awesome too. Hilarious and real parenting content.

11. What is your go-to weekend family activity?
Playing outside with my son’s water table is a blast right now. Everybody ends up soaked but it’s worth it.

12. Favorite sport to watch?

13. Favorite sport to play with your child?
Basketball and stomping on cheerios. Both great fun. 

14. Best dad hack?
Try and be overly helpful around the house. There’s always so much to do, the more you can lighten the load for your partner the better. And be able to have the baby for a whole day without a to-do list for them. Be a parent, not a babysitter.

15. #1 go-to kid friendly snack?
My son loves strawberries and hummus (Not together, that would be insane. Separately.)

16. A tip for getting kids out the door on time in the morning?
Start getting ready 3-5 business days before you need to leave the house.

17. Do you keep your kid’s artwork on the fridge, frame it, or throw it away?
Once he learns how to draw I will keep it on the fridge, even if it’s terrible.

18. Once you get the kids asleep, do you party? Read a book? Watch a show?
My wife and I like to unwind and relax our minds by watching incredibly violent shows about murder and crime.

19. If you party, what music are you quietly playing? If you read, what book do you recommend? If you watch a show, what show?
I like country music and hiphop. I have many books that I have not read. I am very committed to buying books and never reading them. Criminal Minds, Law & Order, Chicago PD…you know, the relaxing shows everybody likes.

20. Where can we watch all your hilarious content?
@heated_seats on Instagram and @champagnetyler on TikTok!


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