Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Jenna Hermans, Mother and Author

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Jenna Hermans, Mother and Author

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Jenna Hermans, Mother and Author

Parenting is an incredibly rewarding experience, but in the same breath it can be overwhelming at times. Whether you're a first time parent or a seasoned caregiver, there is always space to learn new tips on how to remain calm in challenging situations. 

This week on Meems Monday we had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Hermans, mother and author of Chaos to Calm: Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free From Overwhelm. Jenna used her educational and work background mixed with personal experiences to overcome the chaos of life and start enjoying it more!  Read on to learn more about this inspirational woman and order a copy of her new book for practical plans and advice!

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I look out the sliding glass door next to my bed. There’s a big tree there that
houses birds and squirrels.

2. Coffee or tea?
Tea!! All day…..

3. Favorite product Meems is currently selling!?
Dinosaur pajamas!

4. Favorite family tradition?
Shabbat. I love thoughtfully and intentionally closing off the week with a
delicious meal, our family, and typically with some friends as well.

5. Where is your next family trip to?
We are going to Hawaii at the end of summer. August can’t come soon enough.

6. Where can we buy your book, Chaos to Calm?
Everywhere books are sold! Ask your local bookstore to get it or you can order it pretty much anywhere online.

7. TikTok or Instagram?
Instagram. This is a default answer because I don't have TikTok.

8. What are 2 ways to build better habits?
-Create a trigger that stimulates the new habit.
-Replace a bad habit with something better.

9. Your favorite Instagram account?

10. Best tip for setting good habits?
Make it embarrassingly small that you can’t not do it.

11. Best parenting hacks?
-Listening and checking for understanding.
-Saying I love you an annoying amount of times.
-Being honest and authentic by sharing what is going on in my life so that they can see I am a permeable person who has feelings and has needs.

12. Favorite way to establish time management?
Maintaining my calendar and being realistic about how much time things take.

13. Ideal date night?
Bowling or roller skating. Really anything that gets the body or mind moving.

14. Best tip for managing stress when your children are upset too?
Take a deep breath and remember that this is temporary. They will survive this and so will you.

15. Do you have limits for your kids on tech?
Definitely. The limits shift as they get older.

16. Best “community” you are a part of?
I am a member of various female founder communities and they are the best!! I love being surrounded by women who want to support each other.

17. What is your family's favorite activity during summer break?
Day trips. We love to drive to towns that are just far enough away that it feels
like we are some place new and enjoy it like locals.

18. What is your most creative outlet?
Writing and dancing.

19. Do you prefer to read or watch a show before bed?
I do both things. I read and then watch, if I haven’t fallen asleep reading.

20. A staple in your kitchen?


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four children, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.

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