Interview: 20 Questions with Jessica Quarello, Mother, Author, and  Founder of Extra Lucky Moms

Interview: 20 Questions with Jessica Quarello, Mother, Author, and Founder of Extra Lucky Moms

Interview: 20 Questions with Jessica Quarello, Mother, Author, and Founder of Extra Lucky Moms

This week for Meems Monday we interviewed Jessica Quarello, mother of two, founder of Extra Lucky Moms, and co-author of the inspiring book "Dear Mama, Stories of an Extra Lucky Life." Join us to learn more about her and how she promotes inclusion in disability motherhood through her community-based platforms!

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I hate to admit it but the first thing I do is check my phone. I like to be present once the girls are awake so I get my notifications out of the way so I can be with them and enjoy our morning together! Then I wash my face and put on some workout clothes so I can run around like a crazy lady for school drop off!

2. Can you tell us about your family?
Where do I begin?! My family is my everything. I am a mother to two little girls. Charlee is almost 6 and Adeline is almost 3. I am married to the love of my life, Matt and we live in Short Hills, NJ. My girls are absolutely obsessed with each other and to watch their little friendship blossom has been incredible.

3. What is Extra Lucky Moms about?
Extra Lucky Moms is a community based platform dedicated to spreading the joy of disability motherhood. Our mission is to change the narrative surrounding disability motherhood to show that beauty exists in this life. After finding that most communities focus on one disability, we sought to promote inclusion by creating a space where all parents belong. We seek to provide a place where parents can share authentic feelings as well as educate more broadly through events, corporate speaking, publishing (our first book Dear Mama, Stories of an Extra Lucky Life is out now!) and our online community. We are here to provide community so we can not only SURVIVE but THRIVE!

4. 3 Favorite products Meems is currently selling!?
How can I pick?! I am obsessed with everything girls so I must say these adorable swimsuits and dresses for my girls!
Sporty Embroidered Bikini
Halter Pom Pom Bikini
Tropical Print Dress

5. Are you going anywhere this summer?
YES! We go to Maine and Cape Cod every summer for two weeks. It is MAGICAL!

6. What is one Meems item you would pack your kids for a summer holiday? Definitely sun dresses, and matching sets which are so easy for packing!

7. Do you dress your children? Or do they dress themselves?
I dress Addie but Charlee and I typically have to compromise! She has a lot of opinions these days ;)!

8. You co-wrote a book recently, can you tell us more about it?
This video gives a beautiful outlook and info on our book.

9. TikTok or Instagram?
Tik tok! I LOVE that platform lol!

10. Your favorite Instagram account?
@Extraluckymoms of course!

11. What is your kids go-to weekend wear?
Shorts and tanks and swimsuits! We live at the pool!

12. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to Google as a parent?
GOSH I have legit googled it all. I think maybe “what to do when your baby sticks a bead up their nose lol!”

13. Best parenting hacks?
BREATH! After I had two kids I realized nothing is ever as big of a deal as it seems in the moment. I also believe my kids really respond to my energy so I try to be conscious of how I am reacting to situations. Also, stay present when you can. These babies will be big kids before we know it! :(

14. If you had a child’s birthday party, what would your kids wear?
Something pretty, comfy and flowy!

15. Tips for getting kids out the door on time in the morning?
Get up before your kiddos! It’s the only way I get it all done.

16. Most rewarding moments as a parent?
The way my children love each other is my greatest accomplishment. I tell my babies how much I love them all the time and to see that translate between them is beautiful.

17. For kid’s artwork, do you: frame it, put it on the fridge, or throw it away? Combo of all three lol!

18. Favorite spring look for your kids?
I love preppy dresses with cardigans! So precious!

19. Where can we purchase your new book: Dear Mama, Stories of an Extra Lucky Life? and Amazon!!

20. Where can we follow you and learn more about Extra Lucky Moms?
@extraluckymoms on instagram and facebook! Also follow @dearmamathebook and @extraluckyjess and @extraluckyjessandtaryn on tik tok!


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