How this Online Kids' Shopping Destination Changed my Life

How this Online Kids' Shopping Destination Changed my Life

How this Online Kids' Shopping Destination Changed my Life

You have to put clothes on your body. I think everyone can agree on that.  However, for my husband and I, that’s where the agreement ends.  For me, I have always thought that it is worth a little extra time to make an outfit look nice.  Not necessarily expensive, just well thought out and chosen with care.  For my husband, walking out of a closet like he got hit by a thrift store tornado, having grabbed the nearest thing and thrown it on, is commonplace.  Time is at the root of the problem.  For me, a bunch of dudes spending hours obsessing over imaginary sports teams? Absolutely mind boggling. For him, watching me agonize over the shade of shoes is a complete waste of time!  

Dressing children has forced us to confront this difference in presentation. Let’s go back to the very beginning, eight years ago to be precise, when we had our first child. I would methodically comb through clothing sites and go shopping at different stores to put together our new baby’s closet. This seemed unreasonable to my husband. Why spend so much time on it? To which I would respond, clothes don’t magically fall from the sky into our dressers! I also don’t think he realized the time spent was a pleasure. I enjoyed finding new clothes to test out on my baby, to discover “our” look. Street fashion? Trendy? Preppy? It was a new horizon to explore. 

And it’s not like he hasn’t learned to appreciate my side over time.  For instance, last weekend, when our kids were dressed neatly and nicely, my husband enjoyed all the compliments from random strangers. An added bonus: even when their behavior was a little naughty, it was quickly overlooked in favor of their sweet attire (a lot of psychology to break down there). 

Of course, there are trade offs. I have accepted that I like dressing children in white, which has forced me to accept the nightmare of stains at laundry time. My husband must accept that a little time is taken away from reading or sports and allocated instead to getting kids dressed in the morning (or safely covering up that white shirt at meal time). No, you can’t just throw them in any old shirt and yes, there are several buttons that you will have to break your nails over. In the long run, we will all look and feel better for it…and tackling this relationship battle has made us more patient and understanding partners. 

To all those readers who identify with my husband, I have conceded ground. With one kid, one husband, and a wardrobe for myself built over years (one I had cutely expected to still fit me after three more babies), shopping was a joy. With each new addition to our family, it became increasingly overwhelming. Buying for four children (who have different styles and opinions on what they wear) with very busy lives, leaves me exhausted and I don’t have time trying to piece together outfits on multiple different brand websites, let alone at an in-person store. I searched high and low for options to best enjoy and conserve my time. 

And this is where Meems comes in.  One-stop online shopping has become a lifeline for keeping our closets stacked with cool clothes that complement each other, for every conceivable occasion and climate. Meems takes time to list every detail of an outfit, with additional focus to help me avoid the features that matter most for my sensory-sensitive kid. I knew I could get my next season’s shopping done in one place, at one time. And lo and behold, miracle of miracles, even my husband is happy to be involved in picking out a few outfits for our kids with this one-stop shopping experience! 


Christine Russell Janis writes about life as a mom of four kids, living abroad, and travel on her life & style website You can also follow on social media @a.shade.of.rose.

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