Brand Feature with Alice Holland, Mother and Founder of Little Prince London

Brand Feature with Alice Holland, Mother and Founder of Little Prince London

Brand Feature with Alice Holland, Mother and Founder of Little Prince London

Could you share a bit about yourself and the journey that led to the creation of Little Prince London?

While I was working in operations at a London startup and expecting my first child, I was having a hard time finding clothes I liked for him. The options for boys were seriously limited! So, instead of purchasing him clothes I didn’t like during my pregnancy, I held off and decided to do some in-depth market exploration. 

I started by attending kids clothing exhibitions, and that's when I found more brands that fit my aesthetic. I began sharing these items on social media and eventually there were a lot of other like-minded parents who wanted to purchase from me. I discovered a passion for not just growing my social media presence but also building a community of like-minded parents. The more I got into it, the more I felt I could create the kind of clothing parents were craving. That's when I made the leap and launched my own clothing line, Little Prince London. 

Little Prince London's growth has been entirely organic, and people are drawn to our products because we're all about top-notch materials and timeless designs!

What's the top priority for you when designing a new line of kids' clothes?

For us, it all starts with the color palette. We want every piece to seamlessly match the majority of our other items, ensuring that if you buy one thing, it won't feel out of place. We steer clear of overly bold or garish designs that might not get as much wear. We believe in investing a bit more in quality fabrics, like our sweatshirts, which can be worn time and time again and effortlessly complement other pieces. Our aim is to create clothing that not only lasts but also remains timeless.

Where do you pull inspiration for new styles?

In the beginning we saw a demand for the South Korean fashion elements, like the drop shoulder trend. We were inspired by that, but as our business evolved we put our own style into the pieces that would better serve our customers. Sweatshirts and leggings, for instance, just have this effortlessly smart vibe that works anywhere.

My inspiration often starts with a quick image I see that leads me to envisioning a photoshoot with an item I've just created in my mind. I will sit with that image and expand to a vivid concept. Really, I first envision the final look, almost like crafting a story, and then I reverse-engineer the designs from there. It's amazing how one initial image can kickstart an entire collection!

I've always had a creative streak – from designing brand logos to appreciating the hard work put into them. That aspect of branding truly inspires me.

Could you share some styling tips for parents gearing up for this new school year ?

Invest in versatile pieces, like our leggings, especially in the classic colors like black and navy- they’ll serve you all year. Definitely add a few sweatshirts, so you can mix and match them with the leggings throughout the season. If you’re eyeing our coats, like the cozy Teddy coat, it’s washable and a big plus for busy kids. But more than anything, stock up on the basics, sweaters and leggings, they are a perfect practical school day look!

What’s your favorite season to design clothes ?

Autumn and winter, hands down! It’s all about that stylish coziness. I mean, who doesn’t love feeling comfy but stylish! Plus, there is something absolutely adorable about kids bundled up in hats and gloves, with little red noses on a winter adventure. 

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own business? 

It’s the journey leading up to those exciting launches. You pour yourself into the work, and sometimes, it feels like you’re pushing ahead without seeing immediate results. You’re never sure how it’s all going to be received. 

When you finally hit that launch point, it’s nerve racking and you’re waiting for feedback. When you start to engage with customers and see their photos of their children in our clothes, that’s when the magic happens. I love that initial phase when you’re bursting with excitement about an idea but need to keep it quiet until you bring it to life, that’s the challenge for me. 

What's the most enjoyable part of working in the children's space?

Personally, it's all about family and passion. After having kids, I wanted a job that allows me to work around my children. I love having them be a part of the process, try on the clothes, and be a part of the photoshoots. I adore children; they're incredibly cute and say the most heartwarming things. Our photo shoots are filled with their charm, and they're a joy to work with.

Having my own kids involved in this journey has been a wonderful experience. I remember when my son was still small; he used to model for us. But, you know how it goes – kids grow up so fast, and he's outgrown our leggings now! It's a bittersweet reminder of how quickly time flies.

Speaking of growing up, will Little Prince London start to design for older ages?

We’re currently in the midst of it all. We kicked a new line off with our tracksuit collection, which is a popular look with older kids. We are looking to expand our offerings with various styles and colors. 

What exciting things can we anticipate from Little Prince London? 

We’ve got a lot in store for you! Firstly, there will be more leggings in a variety of colors based on customer feedback. We’re also designing cozy loungewear sets that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. These sets will feature long sleeves and thinner cotton fabric, perfect for lounging around the house in January. While they’re sold as separates, like everything we do, they are designed to compliment our other pieces. And with Christmas ahead, we have some delightful surprises in the works! 

Also, keep an eye out for our girl's collection, which is set to launch in October. It's a small but charming collection that we're sure you'll love!


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