Brand Feature for Meems Monday with April, Founder of Livy Lou

Brand Feature for Meems Monday with April, Founder of Livy Lou

Brand Feature for Meems Monday with April, Founder of Livy Lou

We are excited to feature one of our favorite brands in this week’s Meems Monday! We sat down with Founder of Livy Lou, April, to learn more about her brand and how she manages to do it all as a mom of two! 


What inspired you to create Livy Lou?

We started the brand in the pandemic. I was home-schooling my children, and to keep her engaged and entertained we made a lot of crafts. My daughter, Olivia, whom the name Livy is after, loved making bows and was the first to suggest we sell them.

In the pandemic a lot of new brands were emerging and I started to do some research about making this hobby a business. We tested things out and generated sales, soon more traction happened and everything fell into place to make this a full business and here we are now! This business was inspired by Olivia and her idea to create beautiful accessories, she is still very into it and happy to be involved.  


Can you tell our readers about your products and what makes them so loved by customers!? 

Our designs are so simple but beautiful. The fabric is carefully selected and we are known for that. The way we curate the colors and prints each season, to easily compliment popular clothing trends or styles. I pay attention to the boutiques we work with and what they are stocking up on, I make sure our accessories can be a compliment to a look. I always do my research and make our bows and creations to match with popular looks.

The hardware we choose is of very good quality and approved by all the child protective services. We only buy from U.S producers that meet U.S standards and tested to be the safest. This is very important to us!


Where do you pull your creativity to develop your designs?

There is a park by our house that we love going to and we will take a lot of pictures of things that inspire us. I love the colors and use it as inspiration, from there I will make a collage and develop our designs. I will ask Olivia for direction and always love to get her friends input!


What has been the best part of working in the children's accessories space?

The best part has been that it brings out the childhood spirit in me. It's like play and brings connection and conversation for my daughter and me. We have a lot to bond over when we launch a new design. It has allowed for special mother-daughter bonding, especially because I photograph all of our designs. We take real-life photo shoots whenever we are out and both really enjoy it.


Do you have recommendations for other moms trying to run a full-time business along with parenting?

I think you always have to look at the WHY. There are a lot of challenges and doubts when you’re starting a business and you often have to go back and think about why you are doing this, what are you trying to accomplish, and if you don’t meet goals or sales at the end of the day, will you still have the passion to go forward? Going back to the WHY is what fuels me. Finding joy in the journey is important and that can help keep your head up during the hardships.


What have been obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

Sales were a big obstacle to overcome. It is hard to get the word out about you and your brand. Before we opened, I had contacts with a boutique who already wanted to purchase from us. As we created the business, we already knew we would generate sales.

Sales to direct consumers is difficult. You need to rely a lot on social media and leverage it to sell directly to customers.

In the beginning production was a challenge as we had a lot of sku’s and I couldn’t keep up with demand. I learned to be more disciplined in producing, so I don’t end up making too many products. Everything is made by hand! I still make everything myself and love it because it is my “me time”. 


What can we look forward to this fall season from Livy Lou?

Our new headband and bow designs should release at the end of September/early October, so keep a lookout!  More influencer collaborations and brand partnerships!



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