Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Stephanie Rosenfeld, Founder of Education by SR

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Stephanie Rosenfeld, Founder of Education by SR

Interview: Meems Monday 20 Questions with Stephanie Rosenfeld, Founder of Education by SR

Stephanie is the founder of Education by SR and previously featured on our site with her insightful ways to better educate your child! Follow her @educationbysr

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Make a big cup of coffee.

2. TikTok or Instagram?

3. Best advice so kids avoid the summer slide?
Try to add a little bit of education to any activity you are working on with your child! Count the vegetables at the farmstand, guess the starting letter of things you see at the beach! You can get very creative! 

4. Top educational activity parents should try this summer?
Anything outside! So many different places and things to explore! From gardening, ice exploration and insect search! The choices are endless ❤️ 

5. Favorite product Meems is currently selling!?
If I could order the Flowers by Zoe Yellow Daisy Short set in my size I would! I also like the NY Tennis Rib Tank with the Happy Icons Splatter Sweatpant!

6. What was your favorite summer activity when you were a kid?
Going to camp. 

7. What is your favorite camp attire and what would you have picked from Meems to wear there?
A matching set! The classic camp uniform, like Meems Winkie Tie Dye Tank Top and matching Solid Camp Shorts. 

8. Favorite snack to share with kids?
I love getting Knead Love cookies and sharing with my students. 

9. Tell us a little about the kids in your life.
They are all the highlights of my day. I love to be with them, teach, and learn with them. 

10. Favorite age to work with?

11. Favorite kid-friendly movie
Finding Nemo.  

12. Favorite kids book?
The Book With No Pictures 

13. Best activities for kids?
Anything that sparks imagination! 

14. What are you most excited about this summer?

15. Most rewarding experience with kids?
Seeing them create a love of learning and confidence that transfers into the classroom.  

16. How do you handle a child having a meltdown?
Has never happened in my 3 years of tutoring. 

17. How do you keep a child’s attention?
All of the work I do is custom for them so they are very interested and stay engaged for the whole session. 

18. Best present a child has ever given you?
The best present my students have given me are pictures and letters.

19. Your favorite spring look for kids? 
Anything with color and when children create their own looks really showing their style. 

20. Do you read a book or watch a show before bed?
Read a book. 

If you want to learn more about Stephanie and Education by SR you can read our more in-depth interview here


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